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2023's Must-Have Eyeglass Styles

Eyeglasses can be both a great fashion accessory and a practical wardrobe component. Besides providing vision correction, a stylish frame can enhance a person’s style and appearance. Plus, frames can protect your eyes from sun and wind. They reduce glare and eye strain when reading or working on a computer.

3 Ways to Spend Your Flex Dollars

A flex spend account (FSA) provides a way to pay for health-related expenses, including eye care, not covered by vision or health insurance. The portion of your earnings that you designate to this account are tax-free and you can avoid paying out of pocket.

How to Detect and Diagnose Glaucoma Early

Early glaucoma detection and diagnosis are crucial. They can slow or stop further vision loss. Regular comprehensive eye exams are the most ideal for identifying glaucoma. They can spot its earliest symptoms and enable prompt treatment. Working with your eye doctor will help you choose the best course of action and check for changes in your vision or other symptoms.

Managing Dry Eye While Wearing Contact Lenses   

Contact lenses are a convenient and practical alternative to prescription eyeglasses. In fact, the CDC estimates that approximately 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. However, dry eye can make wearing contacts uncomfortable.

3 Ways to Use It Before You Lose It

​​​​​​​With 2022 coming to a close, millions look to use their flex spending before they lose it. Eyecare and optometry facilitate lots of ways to use flex spending. Here are three:

Discovering Diabetes Through Eyecare

An eye exam can detect the early onset of wide-ranging health conditions - ocular and non-ocular. One such condition is diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that negative affects the body’s proper use glucose.  The chronic condition prevents one from regulating their own glucose levels. An estimated 100 million U.S. adults live with diabetes or pre-diabetes. An eye exam can include an eye muscle test, refraction assessment, visual acuity test, and more. 

BIG CITY OPTICAL Debuts Streeterville Store

CHICAGO, IL (October 14, 2022) - BIG CITY OPTICAL recently opened another store in the Chicago area. Located in Streeterville, this new store is the company’s 16th in five years.

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